Opportunities as abundant as the Views

Summit Real Estate Services, LLC is not a typical brokerage firm that is out to receive a one time commission. We have a committment to our clientelle that lasts long after the sale. We bring a wealth of value to the table for the novice and experienced investor alike.
We feel that it is our job is to increase our client's wealth through:

  • Commercial and Investment Acquisitions and Brokerage
  • Land development
  • Partnership Driven Investment Groups and Management
  • Leasehold Management
Our Brokerage and investment services have been in operation in the Boone, N.C. and Charlotte, N.C. area since 1979. Graydon P. Eggers, Jr., licensed real estate broker, is general partner and manager of the partnership. Erik Lanier brings 14 years of experience to Summit Real Estate Services, LLC and focuses on residential and commercial brokerage.

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